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Payment method : Maybank
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::T and C:: Goods sold are not exchangeable or refundable. No reservation of more that 2 days. If by the end of the 2nd day of reservation GLAMfos still not receive any payment, GLAMfos'll put the item back on sale. GLAMfos will be not responsible for any lost or damage of the package during the course of delivery. Agree
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Pre-Order Shoe Term & Conditions

Pre-Order Shoe Term & Conditions

1. Shoe sold are not refundable or exchangeable.

2. In view of sizes discrepancies, if the size cannot fit, the best we can do it to help the buyer resell it. We will only pay buyer once the shoe was purchased by another customer.

3. We will include a detailed description of every item for the buyers to refer.

4. Buyers is advise to purchase slightly bigger size than the normal size you wear.

5. Due to setting of the monitor, color might be slightly different with the picture posted; therefore, we will state the actual color of the item. Please DO NOT place order if you cannot accept the difference.

6. Out of stock might happened on pre-order item. Don’t worry, we will inform you and refund the full amount.

7. Please DO NOT place order if you are unable to wait for the shipment to arrive.

8. According to factory they are using man made PU skin, Cow or Deer Skin to manufacture the shoes. As we are not the manucfacturer, we cannot make sure the type of skin used for the shoes. Please DO NOT place order if you are sensitive on what type of skin been used or religion related issue.

9. Customer will need to bear the risk for all pre-order items. We will not hold responsible for complaint such as different color, not as nice as imagine, too small, too big, quality not as good as imagine, small stain, don’t like the color, the leather / skin is Pig Skin or not as I expected and etc.

10. We only accept return if the shoes have more than 5cm stain, holes, wrong shoes sent by us.
11. We do not hold responsibility for broken heels when customer receive the item. We will check every pair of our shoe before deliver, if we find out the heels broken or sole came out, we will not send out the item. Therefore if customer receive the item in broken piece, please let us know asap and we will check with our courier company.

12. Please note that NO ORIGINAL SHOE BOX will be provided during shipping, we will use other box to ship it. All shoes are imported from overseas factory and we are using air freight to ship the shoe so that buyer may get it earlier. Therefore if shoe box is included, the air freight will be higher, as the result the shoe price will be higher as well.

Anyway, the most important is the shoe was in good condition and nice, box does not really matter right ?

Shoe Size Chart 

All shoe size are given in UK size. Please view the above for comparison.

If you worried that sizes given might not be that accurate, here are some guides that I found on internet that might help you.
1. First, lay a piece of paper on the floor & tape the edge of the paper.
2. Stand on the paper with your larger foot. Normally is the opposite of our writing hand. Meaning if you are left hander, your right foot will be slightly bigger.
3. Take a pencil to trace the outline of your foot onto the paper.
4. Draw a straight line at the END of the traced foot, another line on the tip of your LONGEST toe.

5. Use a centimeter ruler to measure the draw the edge of your leg to measure the width of your leg

6. The longest length and the widest width of your leg will be the size for your shoe. View the above shoe size chart for details.
Just a guide for you, hope it helps ~

Boots Measuring Method